Tampa Schools

Tampa Schools recently became the first to discuss the dangers of internet chatting and online predators with Attorney General McCollum. The Attorney General launched a youth internet awareness campaign that began in Tampa Schools and will continue to be broadcast to more teenagers in the months to come. The entire state of Florida will be presented with CyberSafety Programs in schools to educate students and help prevent them from becoming victims of internet abduction. Presentations will include sessions that instruct students on how to identify online predators, and ways they can protect themselves from attempted contact.

The Internet Student Advisory Council is also a benefactor of the initiative as Tampa Schools continue to employ technologically fluent teenagers with the CyberCrime Law Enforcement Team. The internet safety initiative requires the compliance and assistance of Florida school district superintendents. In order to widely organize intra school programs, the state has come together and will help eliminate the threat of internet predators to children. The initiative is not limited only to schools. There have been presentations in community settings so that information also reaches parents. One such outreach was held at a Boys and girls Club in Orlando.

Tampa Schools are also reconfiguring transportation. The Transportation Improvement Plan sprang into action earlier this year and plans to restructure the movements of many Tampa Schools’ students. Targeting families that rely on the bus systems of Tampa, the improvement plan states a clear goal of providing more efficient bus service. A more predictable schedule of arrivals and departures has been drawn up and competitive pay has been introduced as good worker incentive. The Tampa bus system transports nearly 93,000 students every day. A hectic drive can be dangerous and Tampa Schools’ officials are taking action to organize the chaos of a disheveled system.

The Student Progression Plan has been in effect throughout the Tampa Schools for some time and is beginning to show changes in the curriculum of Tampa Schools. Student performance has been under intense evaluation and scrutiny. In the trend of No Child Left Behind, Tampa Schools have attempted to bridge the gap between all learning patterns and methods. Students are brought up to speed with their peers and the pace is supposed to allow everyone equal success. The school boards which govern Tampa Schools are required to draw up individual maps of progress for teachers to track themselves throughout the year. The Student progression Plan is one of the leading strategies in the Tampa Schools. It focuses student and parent attention on continued achievement and lifelong learning habits.

Early Childhood School Readiness Programs are also prominent in the Tampa area. Tampa Schools attempt to transition students from pre-k to grade school smoothly and without interference. The effort to maintain an even footing among students is greatly aided in Tampa Schools by the early childhood programs, which allow students to begin with basic skills needed to succeed in a classroom environment.