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The Basics of Survival Gear When you are not prepared you are putting yourself at a disadvantage when an emergency happens. Most people wait until the last minute when planning for an emergency, some even waiting until after a disaster as occurred. This is apparent when you see the lines at the store when a storm is approaching. It is important to start a list right away to get prepared. You may need to make a list for both a home emergency or one on the road while traveling. A lot of what you need is already at your home so preparing for an emergency there may be easier. You will find having things like toiletries, a toilet, bed, and blankets at home already helps with the preparation. If you have a source of power that is off grid, like solar or wind, then you are at an advantage there as well. You can also have a kit that can house power to use specific emergency gear. When traveling it is important to plan of how you will pack your basic necessities. Your bag will need to be both lightweight and waterproof, with lots of room for your needs. You will need some basics like a first aid kit, a water bottle, emergency food and even a compass. You will be better off if you have special emergency food packages instead of simple snacks. These types of food are made for extreme conditions and can last a very long time. Water is important as not only do you drink it, you may need it to re-hydrate your food. There are special water bottles with filers in them if you do not have a storage of safe distilled water. If you are at home then it is important to store as much clean, filtered water as possible. If you cannot pack water on yourself there are filtered straws that can be used with water you find in nature.
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In case someone in your party or yourself gets hurt it is important to have a first aid kit. Injury or illness is even more deadly in the time of an emergency. If you are preparing a home base, you will want to get a first aid that has as many supplies and medications as you can. You will want to be able to fit all the needed first aid supplies in your bag if you are traveling. Remember to have a flashlight and scissors with your first aid kit as they are important as well.
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A way to stay aware of any emergency is to also pack a hand powered radio. A hand powered flashlight is also useful. The most useful survival gear is waterproof and works by using human energy. With your preparation your emergency experience will be smoother than if you had not been prepared. Even though no one wants to think about themselves in an emergency, it is important to have your survival gear ready for the time you may need it.