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Some Important Things to Understand About Cremation Diamonds

There are many people who are saying that a diamond is forever. You must be grateful to cremation diamonds. This is another memorial option which has arisen in the 21st century and this is because the memories of those loved ones who died can achieve such similar longevity too. These are called memorial diamonds and this kind of jewelry are created from cremated remains. If you are considering this for your loved one, then you should know these things.

Diamonds are created through the same process which is used to make synthetic diamonds for the industry. However, they cannot be distinguished to your naked eye from naturally occurring diamonds. You must know that the process of creating memorial diamonds commence when the carbon is removed from the ashes. This is then heated intensely and pressure is applied which is like the forces which create diamonds in nature. Moreover, the size of the diamond is actually affected due to the amount of time that is spent in the press as compared to the amount of material used.

Cremation diamonds are rough but such can then be cut into traditional gemstone shapes. When you talk of the color, there are a lot of influencing factors that you must be aware of. These are those trace metals and other elements that could affect the stone’s hue. When the deceased had plates or artificial joints or they have underwent chemotherapy treatment, the color can be altered. There are those companies that also offer to color such memorial stones through artificial methods when you choose a certain hue. If the diamond is cut already, such can then be set into the jewelry.
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The diamonds are enduring and they are also portable and they are certainly objects that offer value and symbolize love. For some people, the ability to utilize a small part of their loved ones in their everyday activities provide comfort. Moreover, it is comforting to know that the jewelry can be passed on as keepsake or heirloom. For some individuals, it is really appealing for them to have a simple memorial stored in this unique place.
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If you ask about the price, you should be aware that memorial diamonds are costly unlike those market-priced diamonds. The price of the memorial diamond would begin at 3000 dollars but you will be spending more when you would go for a larger stone. But, the memorial diamond must not be thought of as a kind of financial investment but rather a sentimental investment.

This can be a fantastic object to have everyday. With this, you can cherish your loved one forever.