How to Purchase That Perfect Home in Tampa Real Estate

Home is definitely an enormous purchase, most likely the biggest you will ever make in your life.

So in purchasing a home, you have to be careful in doing calculations before giving out your money, of course you want to make sure that you will find the perfect one. In order to get most out of your money and to have the perfect home, you have to bear in mind that planning is important in this buying process.

Those people, who get the great value for their money, are the ones who do their homework. Better to do your homework if you are planning to purchase a home in Tampa real estate.

Listing the things you need and cannot live without are ways that you have to do in finding the perfect home. But in making some listings, you have to be practical and reasonable here. You have to consider how many rooms you need, bathrooms, if you want a huge yard or even a small one will do, these are the things you have to think about in order to come up to the perfect home you wanted to have.

Now, after you made the listings, the next thing you have to think about are the things that are good and pleasant to have. Like thinking for the amenities that you want to have, considering that there are reasonably affordable. Imagination is when it starts to take control. In order to find the best amenities that you can afford, start looking the listings on your realtor’s website. In searching to the realtor’s website, you can find what are the available ones and how much will it cost you. Definitely, in doing this it will help you come up in a great idea.

As soon as you find several homes that meet and fulfill your needs and desire, then at this point the real homework will begin. You have to do some research. If you have kids, consider if the home is close to the school. But if in case, you are wondering if your kids will have fine education in Tampa, indeed, the place is known for having excellent schools, so you have nothing to worry about. But of course, you have to look at the distance in finding the perfect home; you have to consider that, it has to be close to the school. Another point to consider is that if it is near your office, if you driving or taking public transit. Make sure that the home has a huge access to transit.

Do not hesitate to talk to the neighbors in order to have the information you need. Since these people can be good sources of information on the home who want to purchase.

Of course, you know that this would be the most important purchase in your life, so you have to be careful and take your time. Purchasing that perfect home in Tampa real estate is not something you have to rush about. Make use of all the important information you gained in finding the perfect home to purchase.

This article mentioned some ways to take into action on how to find that perfect home in Tampa real estate, now it’s all up to you to do it, but if you will, then congratulation, you’re on your way to find that perfect home in Tampa real estate [].

Five Tips to Taking Great Senior Photos

Graduation day is a special right of passage for so many young people these days, but like so many other critical moments in life it is gone all too fast. One day you are a graduate and the next day you are getting ready for college orientation, or off to join the work force to save up some money and hopefully get into school next year. Either way, the point is simple: that very special and unique time only lasts for a short window, and that is why photographs of that event are so important.

If you or someone you know wants to know the tips to taking good senior photos, here is what I have to offer:

  1. Get the right equipment – Taking the right photos means getting the right gear. Sure that $150 camera at Walmart can take great pictures under ideal conditions, but even at its best it is not going to match even an entry level DSLR camera with the right lens and flash. Keep in mind that graduations are far from ideal technical conditions for taking memorable shots as they often include great distances, a wide range of lighting conditions, and even more! Of course, having a studio for close ups and pre-planned shots certainly helps and basic studios do not cost too much to set up.
  2. Know how to use it – Know how to adjust white balance or what a K refers to in photography jargon? If not, it is certainly time for some training. Even if you do, you might still want to add a book or two to your Amazon list and load up! It could very well turn out that what you do not know will later come back to haunt you with sub-par photographs. Also, consider learning how to use programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out the best in your photos.
  3. Practice makes perfect, but grow a thick skin first – Finding help with photography is simple and easy with the Internet! There are plenty of forums where you can post links to your Flickr or Photobucket account and get feedback. Just be prepared for feedback from people that are likely to be perfectionists. That means that you will need to grow a very thick skin in short order as photography perfectionists are known to be merciless with their feedback. Artists!!!
  4. Do not crowd too much – While this is certainly a special moment, remember that it is not only a special time for you to take photos, but a special time for your senior to enjoy a very brief but important transitional moment. This might be one of the last times they get to see certain classmates, teachers, friends, or that special someone, so take your snaps and then get out of the way. P.S. Burst shooting modes on most DSLRs are great for this!
  5. Consider hiring a professional – If all of the above sounds like too much to handle then you should certainly seek out a professional. Trust me on this point, it might cost a little bit more but you certainly get what you pay for. Just because you hire a pro does not mean that you cannot take your own pictures too!

Getting Senior Pictures? Think About This First

Tampa Bay is one of the most amazing cities in the world and is easily the crown jewel of Florida. The city is blessed not only with some of the most amazing views in the entire world, but it is also home to some of the most impressive young people around. Tampa’s education system ranks high in the country overall, and it certainly does not hurt that Tampa is home to a multi-ethnic culture that spans the globe. Tampa’s greatest resource is its talented and well-educated youth, and that is why Tampa senior pictures are such a special event.

Tampa senior pictures are taken during the last year of public education in Tampa, but a surprising number of Tampa youth go on to pursue further educational opportunities. The difference is that high school is that last stage where young people are sheltered from the realities of the world in full by their parents, yet they still manage to shoulder some of the burdens associated with adulthood.

This combination of facts makes Tampa senior pictures very special because they show the youth of this amazing city at the very point where they transition from children to adults, from innocence to responsibility, and from having all the answers to realizing that the world is full of more questions to ask.

These special moments are few, and when they are gone then they are truly gone forever. Capturing these moments in Tampa senior pictures is important for any parent, school, friend, and family member. There is a potential problem with getting the best Tampa senior photos though: Tampa is so gorgeous that it attracts so many photographers. With so many photographers to choose from, getting the best Tampa photos should be easy. The fact of the matter is that the exact opposite is generally true.

Simply put, the amazing photography talent available in Tampa barely manages to keep up with the high quality of the youth in the city, much less the amazing surroundings. Getting the youth to shine in this gorgeous environment while simultaneously telling a tale of that senior’s life story is a nearly lost art in the modern Tampa senior photo industry. Only a precious few authors have what it takes to capture Tampa senior pictures in a way that can turn the glorious backdrop into part of a compelling story crystallized forever in the form of breathtaking photographs that will be remembered forever.

How To Get To Your Resort From Tampa Airport

Tampa International Airport is Florida’s third largest airport, handling more than 19 million passengers in 2007 which is an increase of 1.5% over 2006. It is located 10km west of the central business district of Tampa in Hillsborough County with Highway 60 passing the airport entrance just east of the start of the Courtney Campbell Causeway and just south of the end of Veterans Expressway. The airport entrance is well signposted and is west of Westshore Boulevard, accessed via the I-275 exit 39 or via Spruce Street or Columbus Drive westbound from Tampa.

The terminal at Tampa International Airport was the first of its type in the world with four air-side satellites connected to the main building via an automated people mover (APM). The terminal was originally designed to limit the walking distance between the car and aeroplane to 700 feet, but this has now increased to about 1,000 feet because of the new larger air-side buildings.

When you arrive at Tampa Airport you can either hire a car from one of the car rental agencies based n the terminal building, or you can arrange transport into the city at one of the Interactive Ground Transportation information kiosks in the baggage claim area near the escalators. There are shared passenger van services as well as several city buses that travel into Tampa and other destinations.

A taxi service is provided from the Commercial Ground Transportation Quadrants located in all four corners of the Baggage Claim Level. Yellow Cab and United Cab Taxis can be found at the kerbside outside the baggage claim areas. They both charge the same fares: $2 plus $2 per mile.

Passenger pickups can be found in the bus spaces in the Ground Transportation Quadrants. HARTline Rapid Transit is located at the East end of the Red Baggage Claim Curbside by Belt #20, and the route map and schedule is located at the bus stop.

There is no a railway station at Tampa Airport, but there is an Amtrak Station in downtown Tampa on 601 Nebraska Avenue which can be reached either by taxi or the Hartline rapid transit bus. The station and ticket office opens every day from 08.15 to 17.15.

The baggage reclaim area is split into the red and blue sections. If you are heading for the red area but need to be in the blue area you have to go to level 2 and walk across the lobby area where you can take the stairs (or elevator) down to level 1.

You can drop passengers off at the entrance to the terminal building, but do not park or leave your vehicle there as it will be towed away. Both short and long-term parking is available adjacent to the airport terminal. There is also a remote economy car park linked by a shuttle bus and valet parking is also available in the short-term garage.

When you enter the terminal building you will notice that the check in/ticketing area is also split into two sections red on the north side and blue on the south side. There is a good choice of places to get something to eat and drink at the airport both before and after security. There is also a great range of shops at Tampa Airport in both the public areas and passenger zones. Tampa Airport has a bank, ATMs and bureaux de change. The business centre at the airport offers Internet access, fax and photocopy facilities and the Airport Marriott is located in the terminal with its own business centre and conference rooms.

Moving House? Let Professionals Do it

Moving to another place of residence is highly inconvenient and stressful but if this transfer is entrusted to moving and storage professionals, the customer need no longer go through all the hassles. With all your belongings stored and moved by professionals, none of your household items will be misplaced or lost, no fragile appliances will break and no perishable goods will spoil.

In the US, there are now many moving and storage companies duly accredited, whose personnel come to you with years of training and experience in commercial and residential moving. When any accredited member does the moving and storage for either residential or commercial customer, this means that all the items their people handle for you are insured. So if goods are damaged while in transit or misplaced, the customer will be remunerated for the ruined or lost items.

If the things to be moved are perishable, the more the services of moving and storage professionals are needed because they are likely to rot if handled haphazardly. Usually, moving and storage companies provide sophisticated facilities for the clean and secure storage of perishable goods for both residential and commercial customers.

Professional moving and storage outfits provide each customer a moving service coordinator to devise the best move plan possible. This customized moving service allows for an individualized approach to every move, including an effort to adjust the service to the customers’ budget.

The professional movers load items fast but with care to ensure that these are secure during transport. Every aspect of the move is managed to provide customers with a cost-effective, high-quality and efficient service. If the customer fails to receive this kind of service, he can sue the professional mover for breach of contract.

Today, most of moving and storage firms have a Casulo box which provides great convenience to moving. The box just measures 31″x47″ but it can hold and transport furnishings for an entire room, even a whole apartment. The innovative box has received awards as the perfect solution for frequent movers and small-space dwellers.

The other advantage of letting professionals do the moving for you is freeing you of the arduous task of packing and unpacking. This will be done by the moving firm, which also provides the required boxes and packing materials.

From the moment you contact with one of its representatives, the firm begins to prioritize your specific moving needs to ensure that your move is completed exactly as you have requested. The firms’ price structure offers either a flat rate or hourly rate, whichever is best to suit your moving needs. Its price quotations are based on the items you are moving and customers are provided an exact price from start to finish.

Almost all of the moving and storage firms offer full-service moving for residential and commercial customers across state lines and even internationally. Their moving services include quilt-pad wrapping of furniture, disassembly and reassembly of the same and the allowance to leave clothing in the customers’ dressers.

Florida Homes, A New Residents Guide

If you’re new to Florida, then you’ve probably already realized how diverse culture is in the Sunshine State. The cost of living, schools, and people will vary from the Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama connections of life in the Panhandle, to Latino influences in the most southern tip. The good news about getting adjusted to life in Florida is that you’re not alone. Most of the people who live there have relocated from another state; therefore, you are surrounded by millions who know exactly what it feels like to be a newbie. Besides contacting the Chamber of Commerce in whichever community you end up in to get all of their new resident information, you can count on the following to be consistent throughout most parts of Florida.

Big tax breaks on property and personal income tax are some of the big bonuses to living in Florida. Be sure to file for the Homestead Exception to see if you qualify for further cuts. Unlike getting a driver’s license, filing for the Homestead Exception, registering to vote, or filling out a declaration of domicile, will establish your residency in Florida. A driver’s license will only establish your intent to reside in Florida.
Various permits, forms, and licenses are also necessary for boats, the use of beaches and coastal areas, docks, burning, vehicles and fishing. These will often vary according to county. offers information specific to each of these needs and breaks them down into categories. It also has links to Florida State agencies to help relocating individuals or businesses.

Getting the right insurance for your Tampa Bay Florida real estate property and belongings while you live in Florida is a necessity. The recent rash of hurricanes has inspired the Office of Insurance Regulation to reorganize themselves to serve this important aspect of Florida living. Crosscheck some of their links to make sure that your insurance covers all of the possibilities.

Be sure to call or visit the website for the Florida Department of Education to find out how local schools rate in your area. In fact, selecting your property according to school districts may be a good idea if you have, or expect to start, a family in Florida. Each school also has a report on it done by the School Advisory Council Report which rates schools on performance, attendance and various features.

Afternoon thunderstorms are a part of life almost everyday for Floridians during the summertime. This is just one of the features of Florida’s weather that relocators should know about. Being prepared for Florida’s weather will make the transition of relocating much easier. Be sure to ask your neighbors how they prepare for hurricanes and heavy rain. Make sure that you have supplies on hand throughout the year. Also, ask your local authorities about what you should have on hand, what to expect, and who to contact for help.

Expect to see a lot more of your friends and families now that you live in Florida. Visiting you will become a vacation for many of them. It may save you money in the long run to buy year passes to some of the attractions in or around your town or city. It also wouldn’t hurt to collect some brochures from the local Chamber of Commerce, so you have a mini-library of resources at your fingertips for day trips and exciting attractions. Remember that Florida relies on tourism for one of its biggest economies. Your loved ones will still consider Florida one of the top vacation spots long after you have become accustomed to living in the Sunshine State. Be sure to keep any welcome packages you receive from your real estate agent or home owner’s association at finger’s reach for yourself, and for visitors.

How Will Hillsborough County’s One-Penny Transportation Referendum Affect Commercial Real Estate?

Attendees: Eric Odum and Brian Willis, Esq. Becker & Poliakoff

Date: September 27, 2010

Subject: Hillsborough County Transit Referendum: Additional One Cent Tax. What’s its Purpose? What does it mean to YOU!

EO: Good afternoon and welcome to the Market Minute. This is Eric Odum, I’m the broker for Net Lease Commercial Advisory. Today we have with us Brian Willis who is the attorney with Becker and Poliakoff, and also a member of the Citizens Advisory Board for TBARTA. Welcome Brian.

BW: Thanks for having me, Eric.

EO: Absolutely. This video is going to be the first of two parts. The first part of our discussion is going to be based primarily on the initiative…..what it entails, where the routes are and what-not. The second part, there’s obviously a penny sales tax that’s involved and some controversy behind the penny tax,…..So what we’re going to try to do in the second part, is talk about some of those issues with the penny tax and also the transportation initiative to help explore how much this makes sense for our area. The penny tax is a sales tax, correct?

BW: Yes, it’s a sales tax. It would be one cent additional, right now we’re paying 7%, it would bring it up to 8%, but it’s really an investment that goes to fund improvements and rail is what everybody really associates this with. But a large portion of the funds are also going to go to fund improvements to the bus system through out the county, as well as road improvements and places that aren’t necessarily in middle of the city, but also the outside regions of the county.

EO: Now, when is this vote coming up?

BW: Vote is going to take place on the ballot in November. I think it’s November 2nd or November 3rd, right around there. Of course now there is early voting, so vote on it a couple weeks before hand.

EO: Ok, so let’s talk a little bit about light rail versus high speed rail. Light rail is part of this initiative, is high speed also? How does the high speed rail…

BW: Yes, it’s a frequent question that I get. High speed rail is NOT part of this initiative. It’s not part of what the one cent would go to. High speed rail is a done deal. It’s being funded by stimulus dollars. The Federal Government is coming in (to help fund it) and that’s going to connect Tampa to Orlando at speeds over 160 mph. Light rail which is what a portion of the one cent investment would go to is going to be local. It’s going to connect…..the initial stages at least, will connect the airport, West Shore to downtown, and downtown North up to USF, beyond to the Cross Creek area, and eventually be part of this regional system that is going to be operated by TBARTA in the long run.

EO: So the high speed rail is coming, it has nothing to do with the penny tax, its coming regardless of the outcome of the penny tax vote in November. The penny tax vote in November is going to include rubber on road transportation initiatives as well as the light rail. Is that a good description?

BW: Yeah, yeah, that is absolutely correct.

EO: Ok.

BW: And it’s important to clarify how they work together. The one cent will not go to the high speed rail. They all work together because the high speed rail is going to come in and we’re going to have a transit center in downtown Tampa… the idea is that the downtown station for light rail will be part of this multi-modal transit station. There’s high speed rail, there’s light rail, and it’s going to be right across the street from where the Marion bus station is, so you’re going to have an integrated transit platform in North downtown. It’s going to let people come in from Orlando, from across the region, and connect.

EO: SO its going to be in-between the Marion, so its right around the old jail site, correct?….. The Northeast part downtown.

BW: Yeah, the Northeast part of downtown.

EO: By the ENCORE! Project.

BW: Just a little bit ways from the ENCORE! Project, so they’re taking advantage of that and they’re doing a mixed use walk able neighborhood that buys into these transit oriented development principles. So, that’s going to be a big part of this.

EO: Now, you’ve talked about TBARTA, you’ve talked about Hart, and I hear this name tossed around “Moving Hillsborough Forward,” what is that?

BW: ‘Moving Hillsborough Forward’ is a group that was formed by the Tampa Bay Partnership, and they are essentially, a political group that’s helping run the campaign for this one cent investment tax and I think the Tampa Bay Partnership is really important to the initiative because it shows that business recognizes the importance of this one cent investment. What we’ve seen is that we’re losing our competitive edge to people around the country when their looking at where to locate their businesses. People at the Tampa Bay Partnership are putting the dollars to invest in this campaign so that we have this modern transit system.

EO: So, I’m hoping that there are a number of people involved in the process here that there’s some sort of greater initiatives, that there’s cooperation. Frequently when you see a government agency, sometimes they don’t always play nice in the sandbox together, so hopefully there’s some sort of greater plan here, right?

BW: Yeah, there is. You’ve got TBARTA’s master plan that you can find on the TBARTA website, which is, and that involves both this regional system which is made up of HART’s alternatives analysis study that’s going to take place and be funded by the one cent. You’ve also got a Sarasota/Bradenton rail link that’s part of the TBARTA system. Pinellas County is undergoing their own alternatives analysis study to look at how they could connect Clearwater to the Gateway area, to downtown St. Pete, as well as going over the bridge to link up and create an integrated system with Hillsborough County. And there are similar projects underway in Pasco with the rail line around the State Road 54/56 corridor and going North up to Citrus/Hernando counties. What we see is that there’s a lot of demand for getting people in and out of Hillsborough County, and we’re here, talking about this Hillsborough project, we’re focused on it because we’re in Hillsborough, it is a part of a greater regional system, and not just TBARTA. It’s going to tie in the high speed rail, and then you have Sun rail in Orlando.

EO: How’s Pinellas doing?

BW: Pinellas is a couple years behind us. Hillsborough is ahead. They’ve got the funding in place to start what’s called their alternative analysis study, which is a process that Hillsborough started two years ago and is just about to complete, and that looks at the different possible rail alignments. They set the corridor; the corridor is Clearwater, Gateway and St. Pete. Then they look at what specific roads and what pathways within that corridor would be the most economically efficient pathways to go through. And that’s the process that’s being wrapped up in Hillsborough right now.

EO: Now, let’s talk a little bit about the real estate side of it, because most of the people watching this are going to be real estate folks or real estate investors, and they’re going to want to know ‘what’s in it for me’ and how can they take advantage of some of the opportunities that might be coming down the pipeline. You talked a little bit with me before we had this interview about a quarter of a mile ring, and half a mile ring, what is all that about?

BW: At TBARTA we’re spending a lot of our time on land use issues, because what we’ve shown time and time again, is that transit initiatives like what we’ve got going on in Hillsborough County don’t succeed without land use changes to support the transit. And those land use changes help preserve single family(residences), the existing structure of the community, but you have changes within a quarter mile of the station, which is your core area. Then you have a ring that’s a quarter to a half mile out from the stop. The core area within a quarter mile is your core walking distance to the station. It’s designed to be high density mixed use development, so, shops, Starbucks, CVS, restaurants…

EO: Condos

BW: Condos… absolutely…. in a dense development….. So places you can stay 24 hours and live, work and play.

EO: Typically, what does this do to property values that’s in around this inner dense core?

BW: There have been numerous studies on this and most of them find that you’re finding anywhere between four upwards of 15% increase in property values around the core. There’s a lot of demand for this type of living. It saves people money on their overall transit bill because they don’t necessarily have to have a two car household, and so people are willing to pay more to get into these areas, and businesses are willing to pay more to be there because of the presence of people and the ability to get workers to your shops.

EO: Ok. These rail lines – there’s been some discussion about the first line running up to USF and then there was some outcry that we need to be out to the airport first. Where are we now? What is the general consensus about where the first line is going to be laid?

BW: With the initial plans everybody was thinking it was just going to go from West Shore to Downtown. There was some great public feedback, and it did a great thing because it got HART to reconsider, and now the first line includes Tampa Airport, West Shore. In fact, the airport has devoted land over that is going to allow them to accelerate their build up process. So, high speed rail we talked about earlier is going to be complete in around 2015, and they’re now looking at a time frame in 2015 to complete the Tampa Airport to Downtown leg of the transit project if the one cent passes.

EO: If the one cent passes…So, it sounds like its pretty much set then, that seems to be the most logical route and then later we’re going to continue up to USF.

BW: The idea is that you build them pretty consistently, it wouldn’t be that much later, but the idea is you do one phase at a time, first phase being the airport, second phase connecting Downtown, USF on to the Bruce B. Downs area.

EO: Terrific. Thank you again, Brian, I really appreciate your time in coming down and explaining some of this to us, it’s important that not just the folks that area associated with Net Lease Advisory know what’s going on, but also the general citizenry knows what’s happening so that we make the right decisions.

BW: Thanks for having me here.

EO: Appreciate it!

Who Is Looking For A New Tampa Rental Home?

The slow Real Estate market has led many would be sellers to consider turning their New Tampa home into a rental unit. There are many challenges owning and managing rental homes, but before understanding all of the complexities about property management and being a landlord, finding a tenant is the first order of business. The days of placing an ad in the local paper and finding a tenant right away are gone, so knowing who is looking for a rental home and how to find them is very important.

There are all many different types of people searching for a rental home. Sometimes there seems to be as many reasons for renting as there are homes for rent. This is typically overlooked by those that had not planned on renting their home. The needs of these tenants vary significantly and one must demonstrate the ability to meet the needs of any tenant prospect in order to have them submit an application. A closer look at the types of people looking for a rental home in New Tampa will better prepare the owner for the reality of the New Tampa rental market.

Most of the tenant prospects will fit into one or more of these categories:

  • Moving to the area, want to rent before buying and are real candidates to buy a home. Most state a desire to know the area prior to purchasing and many will purchase within the first year.
  • Moving to area and need to rent before buying because their home is under construction. Many of these would be tenants are looking for shorter term and flexible leases where they can leave early if their home is finished.
  • Moving to the area and need to rent and are not necessarily potential buyers. These tenants could stay much longer then one year if the home, community and service live up to expectations.
  • Sold their home and need to rent for financial or other reasons. Sometimes owning is just too expensive and equity from the sale of a home can ease the burden of other debts. These tenants will sometimes pay as much as a years rent in advance.
  • Don’t like their current New Tampa rental home and want a better place to rent. This could be an issue with their current landlord, neighbors or community.
  • Need a bigger rental unit then the one they currently reside in. This could be a recent addition to the family or just natural expansion over time.
  • Forced to move because Landlord sold or is planning to sell the home. This happened in many of the condo conversion projects in New Tampa the past few years.
  • USF Students that need housing in the area but away from campus. New Tampa is not really in high demand for university housing due to cost, but some prefer and can afford the extra expense to live in a nice home and community.
  • Separation and those in the middle of a divorce that need to stay locally. In many of these cases, the tenant prospect has not rented in years.
  • Credit issues limit some tenant prospects from being able to buy. These tenants could be the type to always pay rent on time, but get carried away with other things like vehicles and credit cards.
  • Temporary transplants for a local job. This is usually more common in areas with more high tech jobs, but there are still plenty coming to the area for 1 or 2 year contracts that do not want to purchase, specially in this market.
  • Military transplants that are willing to commute. While MacDill is a bit of a drive for some, others are still drawn to the New Tampa community.
  • Just prefer renting. There are some people out there that are fully capable and qualified to purchase, but just do not want to.

It will be important for the person responsible for finding and placing the tenant to know how to react to the needs of each tenant prospect. Remember, these are people looking for a place to call home, so any level of insecurity could cause them to go elsewhere. Many times the homeowners get to caught up in personal needs that they forget this simple fact.

It is also worth noting that some of the tenant prospects could be candidates for a rent to own or lease purchase option. Many just want to know that if they like the place, they will have the opportunity to purchase it at a later date. Granting this option is not necessary to secure the tenant, but being able to clearly identify their fears and addressing that fear will go a long way.
If you are considering turning your home into a rental, be sure to talk to a few professionals prior to placing that first ad or hiring an agent to put the listing in the MLS. New Tampa is still a market in transition and more agents are starting to look more closely at the rental market and providing tenant placement services to owners that could not sell their homes. That being said, very few tenant prospects will be found using the MLS in New Tampa, so it is important to know what other resources are available and will be used to find a tenant for your home.

Senior Photographs Help Bring Back Good Memories

Capturing the brightest moments in the lives of Tampa’s youth is what Tampa senior pictures is all about. Tampa is full of very special young people with very bright futures ahead of them, but there is something magical about that transition between innocence and responsibility that comes along with graduation from high school. One day they are riding to school with friends or even taking a bus, and the next day they are studying late and pulling night shifts to pay for college classes. When that transition hits, no matter what socio-economic group any particular teen belongs to, they can always look back at their Tampa senior photos and take a trip down memory lane.

The child that goes on to pursue a lengthy education in order to become a true professional in a respected field such as medicine or law may feel incredible pressures. These pressures drive people to do crazy things like decide to quit school, change majors, or worse. Having a great set of Tampa senior photos nearby could help them escape the pressures of school and the loneliness for a while, as memory lane is always open and always inviting. These memories can stir passions and reignite the flames of desire that once caused that student to want to be a doctor, lawyer, or other dedicated and respected professional. These trips down memory lane may be brief, but they can be incredibly helpful for anyone looking for a little guidance in a storm of loneliness that is commonly experienced when people go from a semi-carefree life to one dedicated to a pursuit.

Similarly, those Tampa graduates who go on to take jobs while struggling to get an education may also be in dire need of a little positive memory to help them get back on track. This can be doubly true of young parents who struggle more than most in a city that can be a little expensive to raise a family in.

Even those students that do go on to be happy and successful can benefit from an amazing set of Tampa senior pictures. Tampa senior photos are a great reminder of where people have been, where they are going, and what they have yet to accomplish. This is true no matter who the recipient is or what they have accomplished on their journey in life, even if that journey has taken some seriously strange twists and turns.